Bowled over by the car storage facility

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Bowled over by the car storage facility
1st July 2012

I placed my car in storage with Cara at Joffreny in January 2012. To say that the year preceding this, my year in France, had been tumultuous would be something of an understatement.

I had thought that I would be starting a new life in Europe, having left the Middle East for a new job, however fate intervened and I found myself at short notice re-packing all of my belongings and having to head back to the Middle East again.

I’d bought a Mini Cooper, part of my “new start”, and was broken hearted when I realised that I would have to leave her behind. Being a brand new car I needed somewhere reliable and to leave her with someone who understood the need to keep her running well and in good condition.

We drove six hours across France to leave the car with Cara near Limoges, and it was the best decision I’d made in a year of drama and bad decisions. From the moment we made contact with Cara, despite the short notice and us twice delaying our arrival with her because of the snow and relocation, she was always kind, understanding and polite.

When we finally arrived with Cara we were bowled over by the car storage facility she offers, within her own land and on her doorstep. I had no doubt “Betty” my mini would be in safe hands. It’s gorgeous there and Cara even showed me where the car would “sleep”.

In the end, plans to export the car to Dubai to be with me proved too expensive and I made the difficult decision to sell her.  Cara helped me out with the whole thing. She showed people the car, cleaned it inside and out for me and even posted off the documents. Quite honestly, I couldn’t have done any of it without her.

Cara says it was all “part of the service”, but in truth I know of very few establishments that would have gone to the lengths she did to help me out. She even placed advertisements in the local press for me and contacted the buyer in French for me when my language skills struggled.

If you’re considering leaving your car with Cara – don’t consider any more, just do it. It will be one of the best decisions that you make. She loves cars, understands them and her clients and offers a boutique service that should, quite honestly, cost far more than it does!!

Stuart Patterson
Stuart Patterson
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