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15th January 2018
Millers CRX LS 75W90 NT Competition Gearbox Oil

Limited Slip Differential

Limited Slip Differential – what type of oil is required? A limited slip differential (LSD) is a type of differential that allows its two output shafts to rotate […]
11th April 2013
Millers Classic Green Gear Mineral Oil 90 GL1

Which gear oils do I use in my vintage car that has lots of yellow metal in the gearbox and differential?

Millers Classic Green Gear GL1 oils will be the closest to the original specification and is available in the heavier viscosities (90 and 140).  Use for […]
11th April 2013
Millers Classic Mineral Gear Oil EP 80W90 GL4

The various different types of gear oil confuse me. What does GL1, GL3, GL4, and GL5 etc. mean?

There are 4 levels of performance in classic gear oils and these really follow the development of gear design. GL1 is the lowest level of performance […]