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Our Nanodrive High Performance Oils for engines build on the development of our highly acclaimed, award winning, nano technology gear oils and have been designed to offer racers, engine builders and team managers a whole range of valuable benefits.  Our Nanodrive engine oils received acclaim and recognition for innovation, winning the prestigious MIA motorsport award for 2012 and nominated by WMS.  We are able to dramatically reduce friction through the use of spherical nano particle structures in the oil formulations.  These act to fill the rougher surfaces of metallic components by forming a ‘tribofilm’, making the surface ultra smooth.  Low friction is just part of the story.  These new oils are designed to maintain good lubricant film integrity, essential to protect the engine components.  The CFS NT engine oils are the first in a range of Millers Oils products that will use the depth of knowledge of lubricant technology to design products that lower friction, release power at the same time maintaining excellent engine protection and are available in several different viscosities. The CFS NT+ oils are the latest range, using the our upgraded formulation giving further reduction in friction and wear over our previous award winning NT range.

Our award winning Nanodrive gear oils, launched in 2009, scooped the prestigious “Most Innovate New Product” award, ahead of motorsport legends such as McLaren and Williams at the 2009 World Motorsport Symposium.  The NT transmission oils have had proven success in many high profile motorsport series, including the British Touring Car Championship, Hong Kong Touring Cars and in Rallying at all levels from WRC, JWRC, British Rally Championship and other national championships.  For details and prices of our these gears oils, please visit this area of our online shop.

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