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11th February 2021
Myths About Oil

Myths About Oil

Myths About Oil How to understand OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), specifications, approvals, warranties and Block Exemption?  Here, we have summarized some of the important things you […]
11th April 2013
Millers XFE Semi Synthetic 10W40 Diesel Engine Oil

Do I need a different oil for a diesel and petrol engine?

Generally the answer is yes for older vehicles, as diesel engine oils have higher detergency levels. It is important to refer to the vehicle manufacturers handbook […]
11th April 2013
Millers Trident 5W30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

What is a semi-synthetic oil?

What is a semi-synthetic oil?  As the name suggests, it is a blend of mineral and synthetic base oils. The performance (and price) therefore falls roughly […]