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Millers Classic Gear and Transmission oils

Our range includes Green Gear GL1 oils, EP Gear Oils GL4, Differential Oils GL5 and Automatic Transmission Fluid.  The transmission oils do not contain any additives which will attack transmissions with brass and bronze components.

Green Gear Oils, GL1 (SAE 90, SAE 140): for veteran and vintage transmissions. Monogrades containing anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives, but excluding the EP additives which can harm yellow metals. Designed for applications in older vehicles.

EP Gear Oils, GL4 (EP 80W90, EP 140): contains EP (extreme pressure) additives for bevel and lightly loaded hypoid gears. EP gear oils exceeding API GL4 for classic transmissions and axles requiring GL4 performance.

Differential Oils:  GL5 (SAE 90, 85W140) for highly loaded hypoid transmissions; LS 90, GL5 which is a limited slip differential, hypoid gear oil consisting of high quality solvent refined base stocks with E.P. additives and friction modifiers.

Automatic Transmission Fluid, (Millermatic ATF UN):  an automatic transmission and power steering fluid, mineral oil base.