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Millers Classic Engine Oils includes monograde and multigrade oils as follows.

Millerol non detergent monograde oils (SAE30, SAE40, SAE50): suited to veteran and vintage cars manufactured up to the 1930s, when vehicles did not have any sophisticated form of filtration.

Pistoneeze low detergent monograde (SAE30, SAE40, SAE50): suited to veteran and vintage vehicles when there is no dirt or debris collected in the crankcase, and also for later vehicles built during the 1930s to the 1960s, with superior oil filtration systems.

Multigrades: these oils were introduced in the early 1960s to solve the problem of using different grades in summer and winter.  We have mineral 10w40, mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic 20W50 oils and also other multigrade oils for combined engine and gearbox applications.

Running-In oils:  these special oils should be used for running-in re-built engines.  There is a product for running-in on the road, or a competition version for test bed running-in which is formulated for professional engine builders.

Other oils:  include a 2-stroke mineral oil (CM2T) and a caster-based oil (CB40).

Engine Flush:  this additive is to be used during an oil change and ensures the engine is clean.

If you need any other Classic Engine Oils which do not appear in the list above, please call us on 05 55 78 54 20 or complete the Contact Us form as we may be able to help you.