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CLASSICS-header-6Millers Oils is one of the few companies offering engine oils, transmission oils and fuel treatments specifically for owners of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles. Our classic oils use the latest advances in lubrication technology to create lubricants that meet older viscosity requirements and provide maximum protection, prolonging the life and performance of treasured classics.  Modern engines are designed to run on very low viscosity (thin) oils.  0w and 5w are common and are much too thin for older engines, which were designed to run on 20w in the winter and 30 or 40 grades in summer.

Our classic engine oils range from monogrades (both non-detergent and low detergent) through to multigrades (mineral, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic), and include oils suitable for applications where the engine and gearbox share the same oil, such as the classic Mini.  Our transmission oils range from green gear GL1 oils through to GL5 and include EP, hypoid and limited-slip oils.  Our classic oils do not contain additives that are harmful to yellow metals.  Our fuel treatments boost octane, replace lead and protect against ethanol in modern fuels.  Our classic range also includes other items such as grease, steering fluid etc. and products formulated specifically for competition and high performance vehicles.

Consult our Classic Car Oils Guide for confirmation of which oil to use from the Millers Oils Classic range of products.

For more information on how Millers Oils has dealt with the wear that can be encountered on camshafts and cam-followers caused by the reduction of ZDDP (the traditional anti wear additive) in modern “low saps” engine oils, or for a summary of what denotes cars to be considered as classic, vintage or veteran, please see more information on the Product Information section of our website.

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