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20th October 2018
Can An Oil Change Really Increase Power

Can An Oil Change Really Increase Power?

Can an oil change really increase power? When it comes to friction technology, it can.  Want the proof?  We put our CFS 10w60 NT+ competition engine […]
28th January 2018
Which 2 stroke oil should I use for my competition bike?

Which 2 stroke oil should I use for my competition bike?

Millers KR2T is a suitable mineral, 2-stroke oil for both competition karts and bikes.  It increases the sealing/compression on the bores which leads to power/torque gains.  […]
15th January 2018
Millers CRX LS 75W90 NT Competition Gearbox Oil

What type of oil should be used in a Limited Slip Differential?

It depends on the type of Limited Slip Differential (LSD).  The “plate” or “Salisbury” type of LSD uses small clutch plates each side of the differential. […]
12th April 2013
Millers CFS 5W40 NT Competition Engine Oil

Can Millers Nanodrive engine oils be used in cars with catalytic converters?

Millers Nanodrive engine oils are suitable for use in vehicles with catalytic converters. You can find further details of the Millers high performance Nanodrive engine oils […]
11th April 2013
Millers CVL Turbo Octane Booster

Which additive should I use to get maximum performance from my racing car?

Which additive?  Millers CVL Turbo octane booster will add 4 octane to the base fuel.  This means that up to 103 octane is available by using […]
11th April 2013
Millers CVL Turbo Octane Booster

Do Millers produce a fuel additive for a racing engine?

Yes, there are several options: Millers CVL (competition valve lubricant) is specially developed to enable older engines used in motorsport to run on unleaded fuel.  It […]
11th April 2013
Millers CRO 10W40 Competition Running-In Oil

Do I need a special running in oil for a motorsport engine?

We would recommend this, definitely.  It is very difficult to get new piston rings and bores to run in on a full or semi synthetic oil. […]
11th April 2013

Are your Motorsport engine oils different to your road car oils and why?

Millers Motorsport engine oils have completely different formulations to our normal road oils. Road oil formulations must comply with the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications, which are increasingly […]