MOTORSPORT-callum-black-BTCCMotorsport is the ultimate proving ground for high performance engine and gearbox oils, as demonstrated by Martin Prokop in the WRC where consistently good wins are being achieved.

The latest addition to our range came in January 2012 with the launch of Millers Nanodrive CFS Engine Oils.  Designed to cut friction and boost power output for racers, these oils are already proving popular.


MotorsportThe Motorsport Product Range includes:

  • Triple Ester Engine Oil
  • Nanodrive Engine Oil
  • Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil
  • 2 Stroke Oil
  • Other Engine Oil
  • Gearbox Oils – Fully Synthetic – including Nanotechnology oils
  • Gearbox Oils – Semi-Synthetic
  • Performance Fuel Additives
  • Maintenance and Preparation

If you are interested in understanding more about this product range, please view the Motorsport and Nanodrive Engine Oils brochures below for further information on all available products.  Call us on 05 55 78 54 20 or complete your details on the Contact Us page to discuss your requirements.

Motorsport Oil Brochure

Nanodrive Engine Oil brochure

Our Motorsport Involvement

Millers Oils are actively involved with teams in many branches of Motorsport:

Millers Oils have earned a place on the grid, with a strong and growing reputation based on the quality of our oils and technical support. Engine builders, teams and drivers competing at all levels of Motorsport demand lubricants and fuel treatments that will perform under the most extreme conditions. We work with them, developing technically advanced oils to boost performance, provide maximum protection and prolong component life.