Other Engine Oils

Millers Oils Classic range of products also includes Other Engine Oils, as follows:

CM2T (SAE 40) now called Millers Classic Mineral 2T: mineral 2-stroke oil for all pre-mix classic and vintage 2-stroke engines such as Scott, Villiers etc.  Also suitable for outboard engines not requiring an ashless oil.  Traditionally, the most popular 2-stroke oil was an SAE 40 mineral oil. However modern 2-strokes require a low smoke, semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil with a much lower viscosity, SAE 15. Older 2-strokes, do not appreciate these thinner oils, so we produce CM2T which is a mineral SAE 40.  We also dye it blue, so that you can tell if you have treated your fuel.

CB40:  competition 4-stroke, caster engine oil for cars and motorcycles historically requiring a caster based oil.  This product contains anti-wear and anti-oxidant additives for enhanced performance.  Castor oil is a vegetable based oil and has been used as a lubricant for decades. Its chemical structure allows it to polymerise at high temperatures to form a sticky wax type material which has lubricating properties.

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