Pistoneeze low detergent monogrades (SAE30, SAE40, SAE50)

Our Pistoneeze monograde oils are a more modern type of oil (in comparison to our Millerol range), and which is suited to veteran and vintage vehicles, ie. pre-WW2.  It is also ideal for later vehicles built from the early 1930s to the early 1960s with superior oil filtration systems which were designed to run on monograde oils with some detergent and dispersant additives.  The detergentskeep the oil clean by holding the products of combustion in suspension in the oil and prevent the formation of sludge in the sump.  It is possible to use this range of oil (of the correct viscosity) providing you are sure that the engine is clean inside and does not have any build up of sludge. This will be the case if it has been freshly rebuilt or is already running on a detergent oil.

A lower viscosity oil would be needed in the winter, such as Pistoneeze 30 and a higher viscosity in the summer, such as Pistoneeze 40. The gearboxes also use the same type of oil, usually a higher viscosity than the engine, e.g. Pistoneeze 50.

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