Automotive Fuel Additives

Automotive Fuel Additives

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Automotive fuel additives keep modern engines in good condition to give the best performance.  Using ECOMAX fuel treatments, drivers report “better than new” engine performance – improved response and better fuel economy. That’s not all, ECOMAX helps combustion, giving a cleaner running engine which is better for the environment.

The Benefits of Automotive Fuel Additives

Improvements in fuel economy and efficiency
Improves engine response and power delivery
Cleans injectors and fuel system – ensuring optimum performance
Adds up to 4 cetane (diesel) and 2 octane (unleaded).
More complete combustion – reducing soot, and NOx emissions
Cost effective
Easy to use

All Millers automotive fuel additives are supplied directly from Millers Oils in the UK.  The product links within the text below will take you directly to our online shop.

For petrol cars use the Petrol Power ECOMAX additive and for diesels use Diesel Power ECOMAX.  Both are available in 500ml bottles with enough fuel additive to treat 10 x 50 litre tanks.  Extra strength versions of these additives are available in the “one shot petrol” and “one shot diesel” bottles which are ideal for use as pre-MOT engine clean up treatments. The powerful cleaners in these fuel additives will clean your complete fuel system. For older cars this clean up may take up to 200 miles/350 kms.

For diesel cars, short trips and stop start driving will mean lower exhaust gas temperatures and the regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) will not take place, leading to blocking by trapped particulate matter. The engine will become inefficient and in some cases the warning light will illuminate, requiring immediate attention.  Our one shot diesel additive (Millers Diesel Particular Cleaner and Regenerator) is designed to clean DPFs, reducing the regeneration temperature required to allow the trapped soot particles to be burnt off.

For vehicles pre-2000, where you are concerned about ethanol in fuel, you can use Millers EPS which will combat the effects of ethanol in modern fuel, preventing fuel system corrosion and protecting components.  Compatible with catalytic converters.

These products are just a few of the wider range of fuel treatments and additives available from Millers Oils.  Contact us on 05 55 78 54 20 or complete the form on the Contact Us section of this website to discuss your requirements.

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