Motorsport – Fuel Additives

Millers Oils Motorsport – Fuel Additives include flame front control to protect against detonation damage.

  • CVL Turbo:  Octane Booster for Ultimate Performance.  Adds up to 4 octane (40 octane points) to base fuel. This means that up to 103 octane is available (when added to a premium brand super unleaded fuel) to those seeking outright performance. CVL Turbo is suitable for all engines and occasional use in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.
  • CVL:  Competition Valve Lubricant. The original CVL remains the most effective solution for running older competition engines, and engines without knock detection and sophisticated engine management systems, on unleaded fuel. CVL lubricates valves, controls the flame front and prevents detonation.
  • CVLe:  Competition Valve Lubricant providing ethanol protection.  Valve seat lubrication and combustion enhancer based on advanced technology, providing ethanol protection. Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps protect components.
  • VSPe Power Plus: Lead Replacement, Octane Booster (up to 2 octane) and Ethanol Protection for Classic and Vintage cars.  Prevents fuel system corrosion, prevents valve seat recession, octane improver – adds up to 2 octane numbers (20pts) to unleaded fuel, carburettor anti-icing formula.  Also available in a  multi-shot  bottle for drivers who cover lots of miles each season.

IMPORTANT: Check your competition regulations to ensure you comply before dosing with fuel additives.

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