Classic Engine Oil

Classic Engine Oils

There are several different Classic Engine Oils products

The Classic Engine Oils are supplied directly from Millers Oils in the UK and have been specifically developed to enhance and protect the engines of desirable Vintage, Veteran and Classic vehicles.  The product links within the text below will take you directly to our online shop.

Millerol – non detergent monograde

The Millerol monograde range (SAE30, SAE40, SAE50) is suited to veteran and vintage cars manufactured up to the 1930s, when vehicles did not have any sophisticated form of filtration. The Millerol range is superior to original lubricants and, as then, does not contain dispersants or detergents which hold deposits in suspension. The Millerol range contains an additive package that reduces wear and prevents oxidation and rusting.Classic Engine Oils

Pistoneeze – low detergent monograde

The Pistoneeze monograde range (SAE30, SAE40, SAE50) is suited to veteran and vintage vehicles where a monograde oil is required and the owner is confident that there is no dirt or debris collected in the crankcase. Also ideal for later vehicles built from the early 1930s to the early 1960s with superior oil filtration systems which were designed to run on monograde oils with some detergent and dispersant additives.

Classic Engine Oils


These multigrade oils were introduced in the early 1960s to solve the problem of using different grades in summer and winter:

  • Classic 10w40:   (also known as Millers Classic Pistoneeze 10w40) is a moderate detergent, premium, multigrade mineral engine oil offering excellent performance and value for money. Vehicles that are above 20 years old are now becoming the sought after vehicle of choice for the modern classic enthusiast.
  • Classic 20W50:  (now called Classic Pistoneeze 20W50) a moderate detergent, premium, multigrade, mineral oil offering excellent performance and value for money for classic engines of primarily pre-1980 vehicles.  This product can also be used where SAE 20, 30 and 40 grades are recommended.
  • Classic Sport 20W50 and Classic Sport 20W60:  (from the Classic Pistoneeze range) semi-synthetic engine oil for owners of primarily pre-1980 high performance classic engines.  Provides superior cold flow characteristics, lower volatility, higher resistance to oxidation, higher film strength and a higher temperature capability than mineral oils.
  • Classic Sport High Performance 20W50:  (from our Classic Pistoneeze range) fully synthetic engine oil is the world’s finest SAE 20w50 fully synthetic multigrade engine oil.
  • Classic Mini Oil 20W50: (from the Classic Pistoneeze range) mineral engine oil offering the best possible oil for discerning classic Mini owners.  Formulated for engines from 1960 onwards.  Specifically developed to incorporate EP levels of gear protection for use in combined engine and gearbox applications.  Also suitable for some classic motorcycles.
  • CTV 20W50: very high performance semi-synthetic competition oil for engines which have their transmission in the sump such as the original Mini.Classic Engine Oils

 Running In oils

  • Classic Running-In Oil (SAE 30): for initial running-in of re-built engines.  Formulated for running-in on the road.  Can also be used for test-bed running-in.  Suitable for 500 miles after which it should be replaced with an appropriate Millers Classic engine oil.
  • CRO Competition Running-In Oil (10W40): for test bed running-in for up to 4 hours. Can also be used for light operational duties up to 500 miles.  Advanced formulation to meet the needs of the professional engine builder.

Other Engine Oils

  • CM2T (SAE 40): mineral 2-stroke oil for all pre-mix classic and vintage 2-stroke engines such as Scott, Villiers etc.  Also suitable for outboard engines not requiring an ashless oil.
  • CB40:  competition 4-stroke, caster engine oil for cars and motorcycles historically requiring a caster based oil.  Highest quality castor oil enhanced with anti-wear and anti-oxidant additives for enhanced performance.

Other Engine Products

  • Engine Flush:  this additive is to be used during an oil change and ensures the engine is clean before adding new oil.

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