Qu'est-ce que ZDDP?

What is ZDDP?

What is ZDDP? (Zinc Dithiophosphate)

Zinc Dithiophosphate is an anti-wear additive used in lubricants.  It is required to protect high load contact points such as camshaft lobes and followers.  It also acts as an antioxidant to extend oil life under harsh conditions.

Optimum Levels

There is an optimum level of ZDDP:  too little won’t offer enough anti-wear protection, but too much actually increases friction and wear.

The ideal level is 1000 – 1400 ppm, and all Millers Oils engine oils are formulated with an optimised amount.

It is important to note that a product with 1400 ppm ZDDP is not necessarily better, as the level has to be balanced with other additives in the formulation to ensure all-round performance.

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