Road Cars – Care and Maintenance Products

Road Cars - Care and Maintenance Products

Millers Oils have designed a range of high performance engine treatments and automotive products, as part of their range ‘Road Cars – Care and Maintenance Products’ designed for today’s motorist.

Every day running

  • Stop Leak:  used in engines and gearboxes to minimize oil leaks.
  • Screen Wash:  offers protection from freezing down to -44 °C and helps remove dirt.
  • Antifreeze BT:  a blue antifreeze protecting engines down to -42 °C, with added corrosion protection.
  • Antifreeze Extend:  a red all year antifreeze suitable for petrol or diesel engines.
  • Universal Brake Fluid:  high boiling point DOT 4 fluid, ideal for ABS systems.

Maintenance Products

  • Engine Flush:  high detergent content ensures removal of stubborn sludge.  Use during an oil change.
  • PW11 Wax Film:  protect your underbody panels and components!
  • Liquid Glaze Bust:  designed to restart arrested bedding of rebuilt engines.
  • Various grease products.

Contact us for more info and prices on this range of products.

For further info on Road Cars please refer to our FAQs Road Cars page.

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