Millers Alpine Antifreeze BT Blue

Which antifreeze should I use for my classic vehicle?

It is important to use the correct antifreeze for your vehicle so that it does not damage the engine components.  Many modern antifreeze products are not suitable.

OAT technology is a modern version of coolant as the rust inhibitors in the coolant deplete at a much slower level, like you would find in Millers Alpine Antifreeze Extend Red (5 years typically) when compared to Millers Alpine Antifreeze BT Blue (2 years).  OAT technology was not around at the time of classic cars and bikes but it is an upgrade that offers more protection for a longer period of time.

Both of Millers Alpine products are suitable for classic vehicles and would not damage the engines, but if you specifically want an OAT product, then Alpine Antifreeze Extend Red is the product to go for.

However, if you specifically want a Blue product, Millers don’t do an OAT Blue, but our Alpine Antifreeze BT Blue provides excellent corrosion protection for engine components including steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminium and solder.  You can buy this product from our online shop here.

Millers also produce Millers Extra Cool Additive which is a concentrated multi-metal corrosion inhibitor and coolant enhancer.

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