Classic – Miscellaneous

The Classic – Miscellaneous products are supplied directly from Millers Oils in the UK.  The product links within the text below will take you directly to our online shop.

Brake Fluid: DOT4.

Stop Leak: a product to be added to the oil in an engine or gearbox to help minimise leaks.

Extra Cool:  cooling enhancer and corrosion inhibitor.  Mixes with antifreeze.

Alpine Antifreeze BT Blue:  high quality corrosion inhibited blue ethylene glycol antifreeze to BS 6580: 1992 standard.  Suitable for classic vehicles, will not cause damage to engine components.

Deltaplex 2 EP: high temperature waterproof grease. For all types of bearings. Multi-purpose wheel and chassis grease.

Hi-Mol 20 Grease: molybdenum disulphide grease for CV joints.

Fluid Chassis Grease:   lithium based grease with extra pressure additive package.

Red Rubber Grease:  for the lubrication of rubber and associated components which are in contact with rubber.

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