Millers Oils Classic Fuel Additives

Classic Fuel Additives

Millers Oils Classic Fuel Additives

Despite the fact that mainstream leaded petrol disappeared in 2000, the role of lead in fuel is still widely misunderstood. The removal of lead from fuels and the addition of ethanol can cause problems for certain classic vehicles ranging from valve seat recession to fuel system corrosion.

Ethanol in fuel

Ethanol attacks rubber hoses and seals in fuel systems and metallic parts such as brass and zinc. It also attracts water which can cause corrosion and poor starting.

Our Classic Fuel additives

Millers Classic Fuel Additives are supplied directly from Millers Oils in the UK.  The product links within the text below will take you directly to our online shop where you can  buy our additives.

VSPe Power Plus:

“All in One” fuel treatment is formulated to give an octane boost and lead replacement to unleaded fuel and provide protection against the potentially harmful effects of ethanol which is now added in many countries to unleaded fuel:

  • Prevents fuel system corrosion
  • Prevents valve seat recession
  • Octane improver – adds up to 2 octane numbers (20pts) to unleaded fuel
  • Carburettor anti-icing formula

Also available in a  multi-shot  bottle for people who cover lots of miles each year.


Ethanol protection (essential for cars made before 2001):

  • Combats the adverse effects of modern fuel
  • Prevents fuel system corrosion


Valve seat lubricant and combustion enhancer based on advanced manganese chemistry.


Valve seat lubrication and combustion enhancer based on advanced technology, providing ethanol protection. Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps protect components.

CVL Turbo:

Octane booster and combustion enhancer based on advanced manganese chemistry.

Tank Safe:

A corrosion inhibitor for fuel tanks and fuel systems. Add to fuel before laying-up.

Racing Regulations

For Millers CVL, CVLe and CVL Turbo fuel additives,  ensure you check the racing rules before putting additives in your fuel.

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