Millers Oils EE Performance Range

Millers Oils EE Performance Range

Millers Oils EE Performance Range for the passenger car market, launches March 2021

Independent British oil blender, Millers Oils, has launched EE Performance Engine Oil, a new range of “track day ready” fully synthetic, high performance engine oils for on-road use.

Millers Oils EE Performance Range uses the Millers Oils award-winning NANODRIVE low friction technology, combined with ester chemistry to deliver maximum engine performance, whilst meeting manufacturers’ specifications and recommended oil drain intervals.

Originally developed for professional motorsport applications, NANODRIVE formulations incorporate advanced nanoparticle technology, reducing friction and wear in high performance applications where the oil film alone cannot be relied upon for lubrication. Reducing friction associated losses improves engine efficiency for improved power and performance.

Millers Oils EE Performance Range of engine oils supersede the EE Longlife range, offering an expanded range of viscosities and application coverage, as well as performance improvements to existing formulations.

Andy Ogley, Technical Manager at Millers Oils, explains:

“By utilising the very latest additive technology and optimising levels of NANODRIVE, we have been able to achieve a reduction in friction of up to 17% compared with the original EE Longlife range, and up to 24% reduction when compared with industry standard formulations.”

“These improvements come without compromise on wear protection. In fact, EE Performance reduces wear by up to 25% compared with the original formulations, and we believe drivers will feel a real benefit from this upgrade.”

A key advantage of Millers Oils EE Performance Range is its extensive viscosity and application coverage: from an SAE 0w20, SAE 0w30 for modern high performance Asian manufactured vehicles, all the way to an SAE 10w50, SAE 10w60 that is recommended for niche applications such as BMW M performance cars, as well as more typical viscosities for hot hatches and saloons.

Here are links to the EE Performance products in our online shop:

EE Performance 0w20
EE Performance 0w30
EE Performance C3 5w30
EE Performance C3 5w40
EE Performance ECO 5w30

See the charts below for more details about the products available within this range.

Millers Oils EE Performance Range

Millers Oils EE Performance Range

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