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Engine oils are formulated using specific additives developed to maximise performance of today’s road cars. Proven to deliver improved performance, cleaner running, greater fuel efficiency and longer engine life.

The latest developments are the energy efficient oils for passenger cars that allow drivers to save on fuel costs and reduce the wear on their engines.

Our Product Range

  • Long Life Fully-Synthetic Engine Oil:   a range of high specification engine oils formulated to meet and EXCEED the most stringent emission requirements of car manufacturers, including extended drain capabilities, for engines operating under long life variable service regimes, carrying full manufacturer approval where appropriate. Recommended for all modern cars, especially Euro IV or V and those fitted with the latest emissions control equipment such as diesel particulate filters (DPF).
  • Fully Synthetic Engine Oil:  high performance car oil using the latest fully synthetic oil technology. A range of engine oils suitable for today’s high output engines. These fully synthetic oils save you money by offering improved fuel economy, significantly reduced engine wear and reduced oil consumption. Added benefits include lower engine drag, reducing friction releasing more power for faster acceleration and reduced emissions. Recommended for modern cars, especially high performance and turbo models.
  • Semi Synthetic Engine Oil:  semi synthetic engine oils offer more protection for your engine than mineral oils, especially engines with hydraulic valve lifters during cold starts when engine wear is highest. Added benefits are lower engine drag, with faster acceleration and reduced oil consumption. Diesel specific semi synthetic oil also offers enhanced turbo protection.
  • Energy Efficient Engine Oils:  one way to improve fuel economy in an engine is to use a lower viscosity of oil.  The consequence of this, using traditionally formulated oil, can be that at operating temperature the oil film thickness is reduced to a point that component wear increases.  Nanodrive technology has overcome this problem and allows a lower coefficient of friction to be achieved, without changing the viscosity of the oil, at the same time maintaining  an adequate oil film thickness that minimises wear.  This also reduces running costs, as a result of less energy being used to simply turn the engine over.

Many of Millers Oils brands have earned the official approval of leading manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW.

Use the Millers Oils UK Which Oil Guide to find the right car oil for you or view the Automotive Range Leaflet and the Energy Efficient Oils Catalogue to browse our full range.   Call us on 05 55 78 54 20 or complete the form on the Contact Us section of this website to discuss your requirements.

For further info on Road Cars please refer to our FAQs Road Cars page.

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