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FJHRA Newsflash 2012/13 – Millers Oils Classic Fuel Additives Approved by FHBVC

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (The FBHVC) is pleased to announce the results of its fuel stability additive test programme.  This research was designed to test the anti corrosive properties of proprietary additives claiming to provide a high level of protection against potential corrosion of fuel systems, including tanks, pipework and fuel metering equipment on historic vehicles caused by the addition of ethanol into unleaded petrol.

Millers Oils VSPe Power Plus, VSPe & EPS all received an ‘A’ rating in the research which enables all these products to carry an endorsement from the FBHVC.

The range of products was designed to cater for the differing needs of drivers of older cars. Some cars simply need protection from the effects of ethanol – the EPS product is the one to use.  Cars needing lead replacement as well as ethanol protection should consider either of the VSPe products.  For drivers wishing to boost the octane rating of their fuel the VSPe Power Plus product is the ideal choice, giving a “three in one treatment” from a single bottle.

Millers Oils’ Marketing Manager David McCann commented “We continue to develop new products for vehicles of all ages.  These products will help drivers keep their cherished cars on the road for longer, and will come into their own as the ethanol levels in fuel rise further”.

All additive manufacturers were approached to provide test samples in this research which was designed to simulate storage in a vehicle’s fuel tank for a 12 month period.

Chairman of the FBHVC Chris Cunnington commented “ We’ve been highlighting these problems caused by the addition of ethanol to petrol since 2008 and are very pleased that the results of this recent research has shown such a positive result.  However, it should be noted that while these products provide protection against corrosion the remaining problems of Compatibility and Combustion need to be addressed.”

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