Millers VSPe Power Plus multi-shot fuel additive

Launch of new multi-shot bottle, VSPe Power Plus, March 2014

Millers Oils have launched a new cost-effective, multi-shot bottle of their VSPe Power Plus fuel additive which is endorsed by the FBHVC A rating.

If your Classic pride and joy suffers from valve seat recession, detonation, hot spots and over run, carburettor icing and issues caused by ethanol in fuel (up to E10).  Then our new VSPe Power Plus multi-shot, is your answer!  Not only does this product protect against all the above it is also an octane enhancer (up to 2 octane numbers) and contains an anti-oxidant to improve fuel life.  The beauty of this product is that one 500ml bottle treats a 50 ltr tank 10 times!

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