Millers Oils Ranked 127th in the 2013 HSBC Track 200!

Millers Oils Ranked 127th in the 2013 HSBC Track 200!

Millers Oils have achieved their second consecutive appearance in the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 in 2013, which recognises the 200 private companies in Great Britain with the fastest growing overseas sales based on declared accounts.  Millers Oils supplies their specialist lubricants and fuel additives to customers as far afield as the Middle East and the Americas.  The Yorkshire-based company, which employs around 120 people and has total sales of £26.4 million, made it into the prestigious top 200 after growing international sales by 39% in the past two years to £2.42 million.

The link below will take you to an article in the Huddersfield Daily Local Examiner, a newspaper local to Millers Oils head office in Brighouse.  Millers Oils also appeared in the International Track 200 and, whose results show an average increase in year on year export sales of 38.79% over the two year period ending March 2012.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Further coverage of Millers Oils appearance in the Sunday Times International Track 200 tables appears in Garage Wire News, a leading e-magazine for UK workshops.

Garage Wire News

Of particular interest is their comment that:

“Recent developments have included the introduction of energy efficient engine oils; these reduce wear, to prolong the life of engines, and have been shown to create a fuel saving of up to 2.5%.”

Sales of Millers Oils latest range of energy efficient engine oils are growing rapidly as customers recognise the immediate benefits of these innovative products – why not try them for yourself?

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