Motorsport engine oils versus road car oils

Motorsport engine oils versus road car oils

Are Motorsport engine oils different to your road car oils and why?

Millers Motorsport engine oils have completely different formulations to our normal road oils.  Road oil formulations must comply with the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications, which are increasingly driven by factors such as fuel economy and lower emissions.

Our Motorsport engine oils make no such compromises and are formulated for maximum performance under the most arduous conditions.

The world of motorsport is incredibly diverse, covering everything from small hill-climb events to top flight endurance racing. Millers Oils offers a range of engine oils, gear oils, treatments and specialty products to not only suit your race but also your vehicle, including any modifications.

In 2007, Millers Oils made its name in the motorsport world with its award winning NANODRIVE low friction technology for reduced friction and increased power.  Since then, Millers Oils has remained at the forefront of technology, ensuring users keep their competitive edge on track.

The 2019 season marked Ginetta’s first year where Millers Oils became their technical partner, creating a new bespoke range of products called Ginetta Tech by Millers Oils, specifically formulated for Ginetta vehicles. The high-performance oil is used as the first fill and mandatory lubricant for all drivers competing across Ginetta championships.

The new range has been engineered to enable the highest levels of track performance, with engine oil benefits including a significant reduction in friction and reduced component wear promoting longer engine life. Ginetta Tech by Millers Oils, engine oil also works to reduce heat production, increase power output and torque while improving reliability and energy efficiency.

Motorsport engine oils

For details on our Motorsport engine oils click here, for our Nanodrive high performance engine oils here, for our Ginetta Tech oils here and for our Road Car engine oils here.

For more information on Millers Oils in general, please refer to their website.

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