Motorsport – Engine Oils

Our Motorsport – Engine Oils range includes:

  • Triple Ester Engine Oil:  these fully synthetic formulations combine 3 synthetic esters with high performance additives (including the optimum amount of ZDDP Zinc antiwear additive) and friction modifiers to provide maximum power output with minimum wear.   The high ester content reduces the amount of polymer in the formulation and increases the oil’s resistance to shear and loss of viscosity.   These oils are recommended by engine builders for highly stressed engines in circuit racing, rally, track days and fast road use.   These oils won an award for innovation in Motorsport and are available in different viscosities to suit all types of Motorsport engine (CFS 5w40, CFS 10W40, CFS 10W50, CFS 10W60, CFS 15w60).
  • Nanodrive Engine Oil:  our new Nanodrive motosport engine oil formulations build on the development of our highly acclaimed, award winning, nano technology gear oils.  Our Nanodrive engine oils also received acclaim and recognition for innovation winning the prestigious MIA motorsport award for 2012 and nominated by WMS.  We are able to dramatically reduce friction through the use of spherical nano particle structures in the oil formulations.  These act to fill the rougher surfaces of metallic components by forming a ‘tribofilm’, making the surface ultra smooth.  Available in several different viscosities (CFS 0w20 NT, CFS 0w30 NT, CFS 5w40 NT, CFS 10w50 NT, CFS 10w60 NT).
  • Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil:  these high-performance oils combine highest quality and latest performance additives in synthetic and mineral base stocks.  Available in a range of viscosities (CSS 20W60).
  • 2 Stroke Oil:  CM2T – a unique competition formulation for 2 stroke pre-mix applications, formulated into an SAE 40 product.
  • Other Engine Oil:   includes CB40 a competition castor engine oil and COR 20W50 a high-performance synthetic fortified competition engine oil especially developed for short oval racing engines.


View the Motorsport Oil Brochure and Nanodrive Engine Oil brochure for full details of the above products.  Call us on 05 55 78 54 20 or complete the form on the Contact Us section of this website to discuss your requirements.


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