Can Millers Nanodrive engine oils be used in cars with catalytic converters?

Millers CRO 10W40 Competition Running-In Oil
Do I need a special running in oil for a motorsport engine?
11th April 2013
Motorsport – Nanodrive
18th May 2016
Millers CFS 5W40 NT Competition Engine Oil

Millers CFS 5W40 NT (now the newly improved Millers CFS 5W40 NT+)

Millers Nanodrive engine oils

Millers Nanodrive engine oilsYes, Millers Nanodrive engine oils are suitable for use in vehicles with catalytic converters.

You can find further details of the Millers high performance Nanodrive engine oils by clicking on the following links:


CFS 5W40 NT+ Competition Engine oil
CFS 10W50 NT Competition Engine oil
CFS 10W60 NT Competition Engine oil

For details on our other high performance Motorsport engine oils, please see our full range of here.

For more info on Millers Oils Nanodrive Technology please visit their website, specifically the Motorsport area.



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