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Aurélien LEMAIRE
Millers Oils France confirm their sponsorship of Aurélien LEMAIRE, Sport Auto Développement, February 2014
5th February 2014
sponsorship of Hervé GOYON
Sponsorship for 2018 confirmed for Hervé GOYON
9th January 2018
Nelson LUKES

We had a successful 2015 which saw Nelson LUKES win the French Formula 3 Classic Championship with his Martini Mk 39 (supported by K’Worx Racing).  Nelson and his team used several products from our Motorsport range (including NT engine and gearbox oils, racing brake fluid, greases etc.).  We are therefore pleased to continue our sponsorship of Nelson during 2016 where he is competing in the SEAT Leon Eurocup, managed by ICSport.  This Cup will see races in Portugal, UK, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Spain.

Nelson LUKESNelson has been racing since the age of 10.  His experience in racing includes karts to single-seaters, prototypes, touring cars and rally cars.  He also gained some experience ‘behind the scenes’ as a mechanic, junior engineer in the Motorsport industry to being an R&D engineer in the solar power industry.  Despite his young age, Nelson has developed an approach in racing that compliments both his driving and engineer career.

Cara Samways
Cara Samways
Gérante – Millers Oils France. Cara est le propriétaire/la gérante de la SARL Adinvenio qui fournit les produits Millers Oils aux particuliers, garages/ateliers, l'équipes de course et les commerces dans toute la France. La famille de Cara a été impliquée dans les voitures classiques et les courses automobiles pendant de nombreuses années. Cara a passé une grande partie de son enfance à Silverstone et sur d'autres pistes de course au Royaume-Uni. Intérêts: les courses automobile, la photographie, la faune et la flore.