Millers CVL Turbo Octane Booster

Which fuel additive should I use to get maximum performance from my racing car?

Which fuel additive?  Millers CVL Turbo octane booster will add 4 octane to the base fuel.  This means that up to 103 octane is available by using Shell V Power or a similar premium unleaded fuel.  This combination is ideal for Motorsport or track day use in all performance engines.

If your car is fitted with a catalytic converter, CVL Turbo octane booster can be used for track day and occasional road use, but is not recommended for continuous use.

You can buy Millers CVL Turbo octane booster from our online shop by clicking here.

KAR Performance have written a testimonial on Millers CVL Turbo octane booster, which can be viewed on our Press Releases page.

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