FFSA GT4 Grand Prix de Pau, 2019

First Podiums at Nogaro in FFSA GT4, 2019
21st April 2019
Millers Oils at the Le Mans 24 Hours
12th June 2019

The weekend started well with good qualifications by both teams and great grid positions, but the first race was at night and turned out to be very wet. Some poor tyre choices were made and the #22 (Valentin Simonet and Pascal Huteau) and #777 (Shahan Sarkissian and Jihad Abejouade) cars finished in 7th and 12th respectively in the Am category. We hoped for better luck in the second race.

The number one drivers had great grid positions with the #22 car on pole position in Am, and the #77 in the row behind. The early part of the race saw some great action with the Kworx cars leading the charge. Unfortunately, Pascal Huteau had a problem on the final straight and missed the first corner, hitting the barrier and needing to be craned off the circuit. Race over. Meanwhile Shahan Sarkissian stormed in to the lead in the Am class (8th overall) and held it for some time, dropping to 14th overall but maintaining 1st in Am for one lap after the driver handover! Jihad Abejouade dropped to 2nd but held his 2nd place for 7 laps before dropping to 3rd . . . . . but then he had to do a drive-through stop-and-go penalty, which lost him 6 places. He finished in a creditable 8th in class. What was his penalty for? Crossing the white line on the pit lane exit! He won’t do that again, but it bodes well for future podiums. It is, after all, only Jihad’s second race ever in GT4!