fuel water accumulation

How do the new additives (VSPe Power Plus, VSPe, EPS) work to counteract fuel water accumulation issues?

Fuel water accumulation

In summary there is no additive at present that prevents fuel water accumulation – there could be, but it has possible drawbacks. Bioethanol will hold around 750ppm water and appears bright and clear. At around 1500-2000ppm there will be phase separation and excess water split out. At the moment the new products do not contain an emulsifier to absorb any excess moisture. Currently we have not seen any evidence of this happening, but it would make good sense to fill the fuel tank before putting a vehicle into storage to minimize the tank “breathing” moist air on a warm up/cool down cycle. If this does become an issue an emulsifier could be incorporated, but there are thoughts that reasonable quantities of emulsified water in petrol can do physical damage to fuel injected systems working under high pressure.

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