VSP vs Ecomax Pricing

Several clients have encountered fuel stations in France that no longer sell SP 95 and who now only sell 95-E10. However, SP 98 is still sold on forecourts so can you confirm whether SP-98 will also eventually move to an E10 version?
29th July 2012
fuel water accumulation
Classic Fuel Additives
1st April 2013
Millers VSPe Power Plus multi-shot fuel additive

Millers VSPe Power Plus multi-shot fuel additive

We have received questions concerning VSP vs Ecomax Pricing as follows:

Q:  Do Millers have any plans to introduce the new additives as a more cost effective product, ie. equivalent to the ECOMAX bottles/pricing.  At the moment the ECOMAX is very cost effective because each 500ml bottle treats 10x50L tanks whereas each bottle of 250ml additive only treats 40L so is therefore much more expensive.

A: Yes, Millers Oils now produce a 500ml bottle of VSPe Power Plus multi-shot which treats 500L of fuel and is a very cost effective solution.

For further details of our fuel additives please see all fuel additives for sale within our online shop and more specifically Road Car Fuel AdditivesClassic Fuel Additives and Motorsport Fuel Additives.


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