Millers CVL Turbo Octane Booster

Do Millers produce a fuel additive for a racing engine?

Yes, there are several options:

Millers CVL (competition valve lubricant) is specially developed to enable older engines used in motorsport to run on unleaded fuel.  It is formulated to comply with the FIA fuel regulations.  This original CVL remains the most effective solution for running older competition engines, and engines without knock detection and sophisticated engine management systems, on unleaded fuel. CVL lubricates valves, controls the flame front and prevents detonation.

Millers Classic Sport CVLe:  Competition Valve Lubricant providing ethanol protection is a valve seat lubrication and combustion enhancer based on advanced technology, providing ethanol protection. Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps protect components.

Millers CVL Turbo:  Octane Booster for Ultimate Performance.  Adds up to 4 octane (40 octane points) to base fuel. This means that up to 103 octane is available (when added to a premium brand super unleaded fuel) to those seeking outright performance. CVL Turbo is suitable for all engines and occasional use in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.

For further details of our fuel additives please see all fuel additives for sale within our online shop.

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