Several clients have encountered fuel stations in France that no longer sell SP 95 and who now only sell 95-E10. However, SP 98 is still sold on forecourts so can you confirm whether SP-98 will also eventually move to an E10 version?

Yes, it’s going to happen (move to SP 95 containing ethanol), the trend is to push up the bio content, but we are not sure if it will go beyond 10%. We have been looking at some vehicle fuel specs recently and the claims were compatible with >10% Bioethanol. This means it is likely we will start to see SP98 E10 at the pumps, which means users of this fuel will need the additive as well. The fuel companies will be watching the market carefully and assessing the results, however, how much notice they pay to the classic sector is debatable. They seem to treat classic users as so small in the overall volume of fuel sold that they feel they can ignore them. Even with modern cars we are seeing comments that the driver feels cars lack power when using SP95 E10, apparently very noticeable on those long autoroute hills with a full load. Fuel economy is also said to be down. In Germany there is much resistance against E10 fuel.

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