Mont de Blanc Rallye results from Nelson LUKES & Giulia CRESTA, September 2013

No results without effort!

For our first collaboration together, and for their first participation in the selective Rallye du Mont Blanc, Nelson’s and Giulia’s results from the rally were very satisfying.   Their top speed was recorded during the second day, but they had some unfortunate mishaps on the first day:  rain during ES 3 and a broken engine mount that lost them 2 minutes.  However at ES 6, they scored their first stage win (they were second before the winner was excluded), which shows their potential!

The K’Worx team was perfect as usual, systematically making the right choice of tyre in changing conditions.

They finished in 7th place, only 2 seconds after Jean Jouines in 6th place.

The next two rallies should allow the team to confirm their potential, which they have so far been unable to do during 2012.

Nelson and Giulia thank the Renault Sport team, their partner Millers Oils France and the K’Worx Racing team.

Follow them at the Cévènnes in early November!

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